Experientia docuit (Experience Teaches)

Tacitus, Histories (AD 100-110), Book V, Chapter 6.

Our Foundation First methodology refers to our system of planning prior to action. We place a high value on learning from experience and we have found that a lack of planning nearly always results in higher costs, longer development cycles, and frustrated people. This is why we work with our clients to plan a course of action before coding starts.

The typical project development cycle for our clients is as follows:

  • The Project Manager meets with the Client to define the goals
  • Once goals are defined, project detail documents and design comps are created
  • Documents and comps are reviewed and revised as necessary
  • When initial approval is granted by the Client, the documents are reviewed by the Project Engineer
  • The Project Manager works with the Client to make any modifications or answer any questions from the Project Engineer
  • The Project Engineer gives a final estimate on the engineering time and cost
  • Programming commences with periodic reviews
  • Project gets completed and new goals are defined starting the process again

Once our engineering team has given approval of the plan, you will have a completed blueprint to the successful completion of your project in hand. There is a reason why home, cars, or any complex structure is not built without plans. Websites should not be any different.

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