Arclight Media provides a number of services to help you grow and manage your business.


Web Design

Why do you want a website? Any discussion about a website should start with this question. We find out what your goals are and craft a solution to meet those goals. Whether it is a custom web solution or a site developed on a popular platform like Wix, SquareSpace, or WordPress, we can help you make the best choice for your business goals.

Database Systems

Databases are an integral component of many business systems. Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)Content Management Systems (CMS), and e-commerce systems all utilize databases. There are several different database flavors and they don’t always (easily) work well with each other. Our team can help you understand what you have and what you need to make your operations run more efficiently.

Graphic Design

Whether you’re starting from the ground up or reinventing your business, graphic design will play an important role in your marketing. From print design to your web presence, continuity in design is necessary. Let our design team create the assets you need.


Many businesses consider e-commerce a component of their website; however, there is much more to it than that. We can teach you how e-commerce systems impact your business from inventory to shipping and taxes to marketing. We can help you plan how to manage these components and give you the best chance for your growth and success. We can help you migrate your aging online store into a up-to-date ecommerce platform allowing you to leverage Google analytics and Social Media tools to your advantage. We have experience with several platforms including WooCommerce, CRE Loaded, OpenCart, ZenCart, Magento and more.

Blogs and Social Media

Social Media has evolved from industry buzzword to an intrinsic component of our daily lives. We can help your business integrate with Facebook, WordPress, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn and show you how they can positively affect your bottom line.

Systems Review

Regardless of if you’re just starting out, taking over a new business, or just need to reassess where the business is at, Arclight Media can help you by creating a systems review. How does your website work? How does it integrate with your other business systems? Are you paying for too many things? Are you working with no backup systems? What do you do in case of catastrophe? Let our experience help guide you to stability and growth and mitigate potentially catastrophic events that can irrevocably damage your business.

Project Management

It can be easy for a project to spin wildly out of control when dealing with the unknown. Just as we don’t expect our clients to understand every nuance of programming in the myriad development languages available, we know that programmers may easily be overwhelmed by the daily operations of a business. We can be the buffer to keep projects on track and moving forward. In addition to managing projects that we are developing in-house, we offer project management services to other developers who have challenges in dealing with their clients.

Website Hosting

Arclight Media provides website hosting services. While we can work with other companies too, we do have our own shared hosting server.  We can also provide dedicated hosting services for those clients that are either too large to share server space or who want their own.  Contact us if you need website hosting.

Other Media Services

Over the years, Arclight Media has developed strategic partnerships with videographers and photographers. We can provide access to drone video services, professional commercial or product photography and other video production services including scripting, filming and editing. We can work with these individuals to integrate the end products into your website or business markets.

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