Concierge Hosting Services for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

As an offshoot of our web design and consulting services, Arclight Media provides concierge hosting services for our clients. 

Why Hosting?

We have found that for many small and growing businesses as well as many entrepreneurs, the idea of a web site is great but they can be a little fuzzy on the details of what is required to do it well.  This is because there are a lot of low price-driven solutions that put the responsibility of managing things on the business owner.  While it sounds like a great way to save money, the amount of time it takes to learn and manage things – or repair things when they go sideways  ends up costing more…in some cases, a LOT more.

Maintenance vs. Updates

So we are clear, understand that we define “Maintenance” and “Updates” differently.   Maintenance refers to making sure the server – and for those of you that use WordPress – the core system and plugins are up to date with current security patches.  Updates refer to new CONTENT you might want on your website.  This is an important difference for our hosting services.

Hosting Packages

Our hosting services have two tiers:  Basic Hosting and Hosting Plus

With the Basic Plan, you are responsible for maintenance and updates.   And we do mean responsible!  If you choose basic hosting with us but simply don’t do your maintenance patches, you not only put your own website at risk, but you potentially affect other websites and site visitors as well.  This is why we have a caveat that if you do not keep your site patched*, we will suspend the site until things are patched. Nobody on our services is exempt from this policy as it is a safeguard for all of our customers that use our servers. Typically, sites that do NOT use WordPress (or other Content Management Systems) don’t have to worry about maintenance updates and can just use the Basic Hosting package.

With Hosting Plus, we do the maintenance for you, freeing you up to do the things you NEED to do as the business owner – things like creating new and relevant content for your website.  This is the best choice for WordPress users.  This cost varies based on the number of plugins that your site uses.  We make sure that sites are backed up BEFORE maintenance patches are applied and then the site is tested to make sure that it is all working…less for you to worry about!

*Acceptable time frames are addressed in the Hosting Agreement.

What About Updates?

By the way, we can certainly do updates for you too, but we do not include that as a part of hosting.  Please contact us if you would like to explore our content update services.