Another Scam Alert – USAA

So I don’t usually post multiple times in a day, but for some reason this one just annoyed me so I felt the need to call it out. As always, these are posted as examples for you – the reader of this blog – to pass on to others. I understand that it is likely that you already know about this and other scams I mention in the blog, but your friends, neighbors, and relatives might not. If you can save somebody the headache of dealing this kind of thing, it’s worth the share! A few things of note with this one:

1) The “From” says USAA, but the email address associated with it is not from there.
2) The “To” recipient is not even to my personal (or work) email address.
3) There is no identifying graphic or bank-related information on the email
4) The Logon link is definitely not the USAA website.

Bottom line – a real financial institution should NEVER ask you to click and log into their system like this. If you get an email like this where even steps 1-3 are correct and don’t know how to check the link to see if it is legit, just go to the actual website in a browser. Don’t click on a questionable link in an email.

Here’s the one I got today: