REBAR Data Management Tool

Arclight Media is proud to feature our REBAR Data Management Tool. In the physical world, rebar is short for "reinforcing bar" and is typically a steel bar used in concrete or masonry structures for added strength and durability. Like its physical counterpart, REBAR is used to strengthen the existing building blocks of a website.

Databases - specifically Relational Databases - are a key component of many websites today. Most e-commerce websites use them (OpenCart, CRE Loaded, XCart, Magento, ZenCart, etc.) as do most sites that use a Content Management System (CMS) to build the sites like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. Pay-per-use rapid deployment-style sites like SquareSpace and Wix use them as well. These systems all leverage the power of SQL - Structured Query Language - as a method to maintain and manipulate the data in ways that make your site what it is to your users.

What Problems Does REBAR Solve?

Problem 1: Longevity or Limitations of Relational Database Management Systems.
There is an argument as to whether or not "traditional" Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) are becoming obsolete. Some of the factors that have dictated this line of thought include:

  • Complexity
  • Cost
  • Scalability

Relational Database systems can be complex. This is a hurdle many business encounter only AFTER they have parted ways with their original programmer. Without strict documentation it is up to the new person to reverse engineer many of the steps and reasons why the previous developer made the choices that they did. Sometimes, even when thoroughly documented, there is simply no alternative to a complex system. Alternatively, Relational Database systems can have a high cost (there are free ones like MySQL, but others like MS SQL or Oracle can be pricey). Software Licenses can be modular adding fees for processors, features, and users and can escalate quickly to cost tens of thousands of dollars. Using a specific RDBMS can also lock you into that system for the life of your data needs unless you want to pay for a migration to another system. Finally, because of the complexity and cost, the scaling of a system can be problematic at best and impossible at worst. One phrase you might hear is the "Cascade Effect". This details what happens when a small problem in a relational system grows over the various interactions (relationships) between data until it resolves to its inevitable conclusion.

REBAR solves this issue by either replacing or integrating with your existing RDBMS systems and pushing the data into a NoSQL (Not Only SQL) database system which is managed by a custom Application Programming Interface (API). This allows REBAR to interface with any one or several relational database systems your site might be running and create a new database that is no longer required to be locked into a Pay-Per Use database license and also has significant more flexibility for simplicity and scalability. There is a reason why Google, Amazon, and Facebook all use NoSQL database systems.

Problem 2: Portability of Data and Server Independence.
Related to the complexity and scalability issues above, what happens if you need to change your service provider or migrate your data to a new system? Unless you have a cloned system or an "apples-to-apples" scenario, you are not guarateed a simple solution.

Once again, REBAR has the solution. Using our API system, REBAR pulls data from one or more of the SQL Relational Database Systems and either replaces the data in a new NoSQL datbase or continuously updates data from multiple SQL datasources in a new NoSQL datbase. The current API version will work with MongoDB and plug-in modules for Amazon and Google systems are coming soon. This gives you the freedom to manage data in the places that it makes sense for you - including mobile app development - and to give you the control you need as you scale up your systems.

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